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Deliverables: business model, wireframes, design, mobile app

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Our experience taught us that behind every brilliant idea there is always a solid business model. Venteo was exactly this kind of idea.

In order to shorten the production time, we decided to choose the main functionality from the base project and started from there.

Let's get to work

We started Venteo project with defining our goal and choosing the most efficient way to achieve it.

As a result, we decided to start with low level mock-ups which, with time and great amount of hard work, transformed into high level mock-ups. All this time, our graphic designers were working constantly on the first version of application’s layout.

From a boring grey sketch we came to a colorful, pink based layout with a frozen glass effect, which made the app even prettier.

Venteo mockup
Venteo mockup
Venteo UX Mockup

Veneto Mobile Mockup

Lot of improvements

During the design process we’ve constantly worked on the usability of the application with our client, who had undertaken the job of testing the app.

His group of testers provided us with useful and important feedback and we used it to improve app’s usability. We enhanced user interface to make it interact with customers in the way they wanted.

We are ready to go!

After a few intensive weeks of development and testing, we finally reached a point where everybody was satisfied with the results. Venteo was created to provide people with information about all their events and meetings by connecting to the Facebook.

All you need is an idea.

Veneto Final Mobile App

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The team at Jazzy are a group of truly dedicated and passionate people. Their work ethic is fantastic and really love to create great products using their great design and developers which help to make a stand out product.
Blake Folgado, Venteo

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