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Mobile App Development

Native Application Development

Native Application Development

  • Best possible performance functions and hardware

  • Access to low-level system

  • Full use of native UI components

  • Possibility to use apps offline

Mobile Web and Hybrid Applications

Mobile Web and Hybrid Applications

  • Dramatically reduced development time

  • Easy to support and maintain

  • Web apps work in a browser and require no installation

  • Changes applied to a web app are instantly applied to all hybrid apps based on it

Cross-Platform Appliation Porting

Cross-Platform Application Porting

  • Port an existing app to other platforms

  • Enhance older apps with new features and graphics

  • Update older apps for compatibility with newest OS version

  • Keep the different versions of your app in sync

Back-end Development for Mobile

Back-end Development for Mobile

  • Convenient application management

  • Detailed statistics on app usage

  • Integration with third-party solutions via API’s

  • Server-side data processing and calculations

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How We Work?


Efficiently handling changes

Jazzy uses the best agile methodologies and practices to dynamically adjust to rapidly changing requirements and keep project milestones under full control.

Always on line with clients

Always on the line with the customer

No collaboration is possible without proper communication. Our processes are based on a constant, ongoing dialog with the customer and informed decisions.

Top talents at yout disposal

Our top talents always at your disposal

The success of any project heavily depends on the professionalism of its executors. We offer the best IT talent to handle every aspect of software production in style.

Full-Cycle approach

Scope of Work

Scope of work definition and documentation


Creation of wireframes and screen designs

Project Setup

Project setup and development


Testing, QA, Support & Maintenance

Featured Mobile Projects

Capgemini Connect

End-to-end production of a mobile app based on the gamification of social interactions at the customer’s corporate events.

  • Mobile

  • Design

  • UX

Dragon Events

A visually compelling AR-powered dragon hunt with prizes that became one of the highlights of the event.

  • Mobile

  • Design


A huge project encompassing the development of a set of mobile games for children and an all-new community site.

  • Web

  • Mobile

  • Design

  • UX

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Our Technology

The mobile domain has always been on the cutting edge of tech, and things tend to get obsolete way too fast here.

That’s why mobile developers from Jazzy opt for technologies that ensure the product’s longevity and won’t require a complete overhaul too soon.



With early developer access to upcoming OS releases, we fully support its latest versions and offer update services for older applications.

We develop in Objective-C and Swift and ensure full compliance to Apple’s architectural and design guidelines.



Android app development poses challenges due to the astounding number of devices available on the market.

Jazzy focuses on code optimization, dynamic screen size adaptation and extensive testing to build apps that last and remain useful at all times.

Cross-platform Apps

Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-platform technologies help reduce the development time and make it possible to build and maintain identical applications sharing the same code base.

Jazzy develops such apps using the most popular and well-maintained platforms and frameworks.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are web applications wrapped into
a native “container”, behaving like a native app on the user’s screen.

This saves a lot of time and development effort, as you only need a single web app and so many wrappers for the target operating systems.


years of experience in mobile application development


end-to-end mobile app designs


delivered apps

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