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EasyShip is a Hong Kong based shipping platform that supports over 100 most popular courier services operating all around the world. Offering full integration with a number of leading eCommerce solutions, the service helps businesses of any size to automate shipping routines and build a paperless, efficient and reliable shipping process, while offering considerable savings up to 70% off the regular shipping price.

EasyShip engaged Jazzy.pro with a task of redesigning a number of key pages of the service to make them more intuitive, user-friendly and modern-looking.

Facing the challenge

EasyShip engaged Jazzy.pro with a task of redesigning the service to make them more intuitive, user-friendly and modern-looking. The project encompassed the creation of over 40 end-to-end designs for the key pages and interactions, such as shipment type and carrier selection, shipping estimate, shipment tracking and so on.

The platform offered customers a broad range of features and options with a high degree of flexibility, which required a great deal of on-screen controls, indicators and other elements that were supposed to be a part of the system’s rather complex UI.

Easyship mockup
Easyship mockup

Feedback everyday

The work on the project relied on previously created wireframes and our deliverables were turned into interactive prototypes. They were then tested by local users prior to being applied to the corresponding pages of the product.

The main challenge of the project was its extremely dynamic nature. The Jazzy team had daily morning calls with the customer who voiced feedback from the first users, suggested improvements and made change requests.

Working in a fast-paced environment

The solution is now cloud-based and offers an uncluttered, intuitive UI and a multitude of exciting features like field autocomplete, smart fields, interactive dashboards, automatic data saving, advanced caching, field highlighting and a lot more.

As the result of this highly successful project, the customer received a modern end-to-end ERP solution that now processes a little short of 200 million transactions per month.

Easyship mockup
Easyship mockup
easyship screen
easyship screen

Delivering to the promise

By hiring Jazzy for this job, EasyShip clearly benefited from our ability to deliver in the “agile” mode – under tight deadlines and with constantly changing requirements. We were also able to demonstrate design consistency throughout all our deliverables, although most of them underwent multiple modifications in the course of the project.

Easyship Screen Easyship Screen Easyship Screen Easyship Screen Easyship Screen

EasyShip Website Designs

A result

A young and constantly evolving business, EasyShip is constantly making changes to its website, including its design.

In spite of this fact, the key design elements, screens and the overall style remain exactly the way they were designed by Jazzy, which means that the platform’s owners and its customers have duly appreciated the simplicity of its user interface.

Marta Rylko Quote
JazzyTeam was able to provide outstanding design services. We value the quality of the design as well as the lean approach of the team. Jazzy understood our business needs and served us in a reliable and timely manner.
Marta Ryłko, Product Manager @ Easyship

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