We are dedicated to providing our clients with complex, innovative and continuously maintained mobile, web and desktop applications.

Mobile apps

We create smoothly working and impressive mobile apps for iOS and Android.


We handle everything from simple landing pages, through RWD one-pagers to extensive websites using a CMS system.

Web Applications

Our advanced applications are available in every place and moment, through your favourite web browser.

Software (SaaS)

Users can pay a subscription to access our scalable software products in the cloud.

Cloud Solutions

We design and implement hosting infrastructure in the cloud for both small and huge sites.

New Technologies

We have worked with Oculus, distributed beacons, made products for Leap Motion and we are eager for more.


Exceptional business concepts need exceptional identity – and we provide it, from logos and key visuals, through website and app designs to stunning print materials and beautiful illustrations.

Web & Mobile Design

We use intuitive and responsive design whether it’s an expanded website or a simple landing page.

Apps & Games

Mobile websites, applications and stunning game interfaces and illustrations – all within our reach.

Visual Identity

Logos, stationery, brand books, key visuals – everything your brand needs to make an impression.


We provide consultations, wireframes and hi-fi prototypes, as well as designing usability test cases for your projects.

Print Materials

Leaflets, catalogues, promotional gadgets – everything you need to promote your business.


We design illustrations and professional, creative icons in line with your ideas.


We help you with your project from start to finish, consulting with you and refining your ideas to meet the startup environment’s expectations.

Business Model

We host startup-focused meetings and workshops on target groups, value propositions, channels, costs, income and more.

Product Spec

In line with our customer research, we provide full functionality listing for version 1.0 and extracted MVP scope.


From UX and UI mockups to a completely functional prototype – everything is testable and interactive.


Minimum viable product technology and graphic development – investor-ready, and embodying the idea.

Landing Page

Our official website has a news feed and the option for you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Investor Materials

We provide a complex set of materials for investors – pitch decks, one-pagers, videos and much more.


Be heard. Be understood. Be in business. We help exceptional people convince empowered people and potential business partners by simplifying the message to grab attention.

Startup Pitch Decks

These offer a power-packed couple of minutes highlighting your points, ideas and startup products.

Sales Presentations

We help you elaborate on your broader business as a supplement to your introductory pitch deck.

Conference Presentations

We steer you towards less business oriented, more educational presentations to pique your audience’s interest.

Materials for Investors

From customised one-pagers to games, our broad spectrum of solutions helps you sustain new business leads.

Video Explainers

Got ideas? Get videos! Expand your reach and cut your point short with a tailored video explaining your business ideas and fresh products.

Promotional Videos

Promote your ideas, products and company with our movie clips and 2-D or 3-D animations.

Video Explainers

Introduce your startup to clients with our screenplay, professional animations and voiceovers.


Static illustrations for games, 3-D elements, photos – we can set them all in motion.


Explain your ideas with our professional static presentations and photo montages with 3-D elements.

Consultations for Startups

We realise not everyone fully understands startups and the technology industry, so our special lectures and consultations can improve your knowledge of this specific business area.

Business Model

We help you create the perfect business model using techniques we’ve learned through the years.


Our experienced developers are talented at explaining their knowledge in a simple way.

User Experience

Discover more about the user experience basic rules, product functionalities, wireframes and more.

Idea Validation

We help you validate your startup idea and improve its functionalities so your clients will be happy.

Pitch Decks

We teach you to prepare the perfect presentation, then how to make your performance thrilling for your audience.

Growth Hacking

We teach you growth hacking methods to make your applications popular.

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