Katowice, Poland

Deliverables: user experience, graphic design, web system, RWD

What is Syngeos ?

Syngeos System develops an innovative environmental information system for monitoring air, water, and soil contamination in Poland. The Syngeos sensor network collects and relays accurate pollution data to other systems.

The company’s mission is to raise the awareness of local threats by proactively identifying their sources. Our job was to make a fully working product that would help the company fulfill their goals.

Scope of work

  • Jazzy was responsible for creating the following:

  • wireframes and graphic design for the interfaces of the web and mobile applications

  • a web panel with an interactive map showing all the sensors, a dashboard with charts and access to individual sensors and a list of alarms

  • native mobile applications for iOS and Android that show data readings from the currently picked sensors

  • icons and illustrations explaining popular pollution issues

  • a landing page promoting Syngeos System and healthy, eco-friendly ways of living

Database Challenge

The biggest technological challenge of the project was to design and build an infrastructure capable of storing a huge amount of raw data from the sensors and to build a storage that the user can get instant access to.

All the storage in the system was intended not only to be able to accommodate tens of millions of new monthly readings, but also to be able to perform statistical calculations on them regardless of their age.

Technological challenges

It was vital for the success of the project to build a storage infrastructure that wouldn’t be too expensive for the initial phase, yet be scalable enough to potentially handle tens of billions of records accessible not just via web or mobile applications, but also through a network of applications partners. In the first six months, we collected over 50 million readings occupying a total of 2GB of disk space.

The entire infrastructure based on AWS currently consists of only two instances of the t2.micro server, which still have the capacity to handle the growing demand of the users of Syngeos applications and serve data with up to 3ms data access time, even when building complex histogram models.

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Mobile application

We also built native mobile applications that use the Syngeos sensor infrastructure and the data downloaded from the Central Institute for Environmental Protection, which is why the results of in-app calculations are very detailed and up-to-date.

In addition to the PM2.5 and PM10 suspended particulates and other values, user can check the current humidity and pressure in the application.

Available on iOS and Android

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Landing page

We were also tasked with the creation of a landing page based on the information and structure provided by the customer. We created a comprehensive set of illustrations, infographics and icons that visually described the most popular environmental issues.

The landing page essentially told a story about threats related to air pollution in a clear and easy-to-understand language.

Graphic design expertise


The development of the product continues with more and more improvements being added to it on a regular basis following our discussions and the feedback provided by the growing number of users.

The customer is fully satisfied with the results of our cooperation and is firmy intended to release the second version of the system with Jazzy.

Syngeos CEO
I definitely recommend cooperation with the entire team of Jazzy! They showed great creativity and were able to take care of the balance between the technical and visual part of our projects.
During 15 years of running a business, I have only visited such professionals several times.
Michał Swierz, CEO @ Syngeos

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