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Deliverables: UX specification, wireframes, webdesign, icons, illustrations, pitch deck



Fitcompany (currently known as Fitqbe) turned to Jazzy.Pro for professional business analysis and UI/UX design services needed for their emerging product. When the customer approached Jazzy, they only had a concept in mind and were preparing to pitch it to some startup accelerators and venture funds.

The goal was to produce a set of high-quality materials that would impress potential funders, become a major incentive for future users and lay a solid foundation for a modern corporate employee-retaining platform with a focus on wellness and fitness.

Working with requirements

The product has a typical architecture comprised of a multifunctional web portal and a set of mobile apps.

Jazzy started by working with the customer to collect the maximum of functional and non-functional requirements that were processed and turned into a comprehensive functional specification.

The specification was also complemented by a set of wireframes with in-depth descriptions of user interactions.

Fitqbe Web Mock
Fitqbe Web Mock
Fitqbe Web Mock

Creating the visuals

Finally, since the product was still in the concept phase and was going to be pitched without a single line of code written, Jazzy worked on highly realistic and interactive InVision prototypes for investor demos.

Apart from this,’s creative team produced over 30 screens of UI designs for the web and the mobile app, along with
a logo, application icons, illustrations, a pitch deck and other materials.

Building a prototype

Fitqbe Prototype

Mobile app

Mobile app

Icons, illustrations & presentation



Fitqbe gets in the spotlight

The most important result of the project is that Fitqbe got noticed and admitted to the startup accelerator, then fully funded for product development.

This happened thanks to a combination of a great product idea and its overall presentation on every level – something that contributed a lot of effort to. High-quality visuals for the investor presentation and the product itself were convincing enough for the experts at to give the project a green light.

Fitqbe in the spotlight & View video.

The work on the project never ceased. Fitqbe are always hard at work developing new features and improving the user experience of their product - and this work is based on the designs and UI elements once created by for the initial version of the service.

It is extremely motivating for Jazzy to see its designs survive multiple development iterations and to know that the product is being used by many companies around the world.

Tomasz Chaciński Quote
Smooth cooperation and a result that nicely surprises the product user. The materials prepared by contributed to our first success.
Tomasz Chaciński, founder @ Fitqbe

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