Samsung Galaxy Gear

London, United Kingdom

Deliverables: ideas, app design, mobile app


The challenge

O2 UK was approached by Platform, a digital agency and our long-time partner, with a concept of an innovative marketing campaign for the Samsung Galaxy Gear line of smartwatches. Jazzy was soon appointed the main technical vendor for the project.

The project aimed to create an interactive mobile app that would not just highlight the elegant style of the new line of Samsung wearables, but also associate the Samsung brand with the latest trends in augmented reality technologies.

Jazzy had only 7 days to deliver the final version of the app and had nothing but a marketing idea to work with. The challenge was accepted with great enthusiasm and the team members committed to this adventurous cause with passion and unprecedented energy.

The solution - concept

Working in close cooperation with the customer, we brainstormed the idea to produce a series of AR marker concepts ranging from simple drawings on the user’s skin to various small objects resting on top of the wrist, and finally arrived at the idea of a foldable paper wristband nearly the same shape and size as the watch itself.

The marker allowed us to ensure precise positioning of the virtual gadget on the user’s hand and implement highly accurate real-time object tracking.

Galaxy Gear photo
Galaxy Gear photo
Galaxy Gear photo

The solution - technology

In just one week, our design and production teams managed
to get completely in sync over the design process and build
a fully-functioning mobile application from ground up using the latest AR SDK.

The app realistically renders a high-resolution model of the Samsung Gear watch on the user’s hand, allows the user to look at the device from different angles, freely move the hand with the virtual device and arbitrarily change the band color.

The outcome

Galaxy Gear

Upon getting published in Google Store, the app caught the eye of quite a few industry experts and reputable media, and has received positive feedback both from the marketing community and consumers.

O2 was extremely pleased with the remarkably short turnaround, attention to detail and the creativity of the Jazzy team, which resulted in the successful release of a high-quality software product and laid the foundation of a promising business relationship between the companies.

Galaxy Gear

The project proved to be a great success for Jazzy, and once again gave us and our customers the confidence in our ability to successfully deliver under tight deadlines and form creative synergy to produce world-class products.

With a growing portfolio of innovative projects relying on disruptive visualization technologies, Jazzy is the vendor of choice for companies seeking to go beyond conventional approaches to product marketing and advertising.

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