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Deliverables: user experience, graphic design, web system, RWD

What is Nexta?

Nexta is a online omni-channel advertising platform that allows people to easily publish their advertisements to various channels by setting up and working with a single campaign.

Clients upload their logos, images and texts to create customized campaigns for channels like Facebook, Google Adwords and many others with a single mouse click.

Old product

The first version of the Nexta project aimed to create an MVP. The customer decided that they would proceed with further development upon breaking even with the MVP. It happened very shortly.

The initial version was based on an standard template and its main user flow wasn’t optimized. Subsequently, we trimmed most of the features that didn’t add anything valuable to the product, leaving just the key functionality that mattered for users - and this approach worked very well.


The first step was to create new branding for the product. We prepared three logo variants and the customer chose the one shown on the left. The same colors and key visual elements are used on the landing page, in icons, presentations and throughout the final product.

We also designed a special set of icons that was used in pitch decks and investor presentations.

Workshop for the customer

We organized a workshop for our customers from Copenhagen. Over the course of these two days, we discussed the features of the new product, wrote down all the ideas and turned them into sketches shown on the right.

These activities clearly paid off. After hours of thinking, we were able to start working on the product wireframes.


After special workshops with our clients, we’ve prepared full workflow depicted by over 60 mockups, fit to 3 different resolutions.

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Graphic user interface

After the wireframes were accepted, we started to work on the graphic user interface for the main product. It involved a lot of work involving over 100 different key screens with interactions.

After a month of work, we created a clean, intuitive and great-looking version of the product that was optimized for tablets and mobile phones.


designed screens



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New product development

The second version of the product is a bespoke solution that uses additional features, boasts higher efficiency and works well on any device.

The final product features a nifty banner wizard where you can upload your photos/images and text descriptions and get a ready set of banners for every channel. Once done, you can publish campaigns to every channel, view a list of clients, and work with the platform as a user, advertisement manager or admin.






lines of code

„The number of platform users increased after we launched the first new frontend. The usability of the new user interface contributes significantly to those numbers. We’re really happy with Jazzy’s work and are doing more business with them.”
Martin Jensen, Founder @

The result

The project is ongoing with more and more activities being planned with the customer for the nearest future, as the platform is live with a steadily growing user base.

The Nexta team is happy with Jazzy’s deliverables, processes and fresh ideas born at on-site workshops. We plan to have a number of meetings in Copenhagen in 2018 to discuss the product roadmap and team composition for the year.

They’re heavily engaged in what we do and in understanding our audience. That’s an advantage, as they understand the background of each project and can provide more value.
A welcome adjunct to an internal dev team, their work contributes to increased platform adoption and user satisfaction. Midstream staff corrections have proved essential, streamlining communication, enhancing understanding, and boosting efficiency.
Martin Jensen, Founder @

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