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The case of LG

LG Electronics, a renowned South Korean industrial giant operating on the global market, engaged Jazzy.pro with a task of creating a concept and designing a massive set of interface icons for their upcoming cell phone models, including the G5.

The company wanted to breathe new life into the UI of their new line of products and sought a vendor who would be able to provide an unbiased professional outlook on the way LG’s new mobile phones should interact with their owners.


Accepting the challenge

Dealing with a customer as large and globally recognized as LG sets the quality bar really high and translates into great responsibility.

The task that Jazzy faced was anything but easy: analyze the vast array of LG’s UI requirements, correctly interpret metaphoric descriptions and align the phone’s countless functions with corresponding visuals. We had to produce a unique icon set that would complement the design of the company’s new phones.

Concept stage

The first phase narrowed the scope of work down to 2 concepts that were discussed with LG’s design team and later merged into one primary concept that Jazzy continued working on.

By combining the best aspects of both initial ideas, our designers achieved great readability and clarity while keeping the icons lightweight and elegant.



Delivery stage

Once the overall approach was approved, the team started working on the main part of the project and eventually delivered over 500 interface icons.

The project’s success relied heavily on the efficient cooperation with the core team of LG’s design experts who provided thoughtful insights into the process and helped Jazzy find the right solutions quickly and efficiently.


Jazzy managed to efficiently manage a growing portfolio of icons, maintain stylistic consistency throughout the collection, produce pixel-perfect drafts and wrap it all into a flexible production process.


Sharing the success with LG

LG was very pleased with Jazzy’s performance, creativity and work ethics. The deliverables were shipped in time and implemented into the final firmware builds for the latest generation of the company’s phones.

Today, millions of users worldwide enjoy their mobile communication experience by interacting with interfaces designed by Jazzy. We are proud to be a part of this process and look forward to new projects with LG.

Joon An Quote
As a chief global design manager of LG Electronics Corporate Design Center, I always enjoy collaborating with Jazzy Innovations for their great communication skills and passion for design creation. Jazzy's design team has always met our high expectations with its strong capability to translate complicated UX languages into very minimal yet sophisticated form in such high quality while appreciating already-existing company's design identity. I look forward to asking for their help in near future.
Joon An, Chief in Global Design Management @ LGE

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