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Warsaw, Poland

Deliverables: website structure, webdesign, RWD, web development


A global IT consulting company with nearly 200,000 employees worldwide, Capgemini identified a need for stronger social ties within its multiple offices.

With people being constantly reshuffled among different projects, business units and workgroups, it was important that the team spirit be preserved and revived in those groups to make for higher retention and employee satisfaction levels.

Capgemini picked Jazzy as a creative partner with deep technology expertise that could deliver a complete solution within the designated time frame and at the highest level of quality.



The core idea of the project was to add gamification elements to team-building sessions and other corporate social events at Capgemini. Jazzy’s creative crew came up with an idea for an app that would help people mix, socialize and team up to achieve a common goal.

At the beginning of an event, participants get a unique marker printed on a card. Each marker image is a part of a 4-piece combination, so every participant needs to find the owners of the remaining 3 pieces, then scan all 4 markers in a sequence using a mobile phone. Once a combination is formed, the app asks the newly-formed team a quiz question. Correct answers turn into points and the team with the most points gets a valuable prize at the end of the event.


One of the key requirements for the markers was that they had to feature a sufficient number of elements, shapes and colors for the app to be able to confidently recognize them without making errors.

Jazzy’s design team devised a special strategy that allowed them to complete the project in time and ensured stylistic consistency across the entire set of over 400 hundred unique items.

Capgemini icons

Capgemini icons


Capgemini Connect is a hybrid app combining fragments of native code for the most performance-critical components with a WebView component for rendering server responses.

The app uses API access to a third-party image recognition service for building marker combinations and a built-in quiz module.

Capgemini Mobile App

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Result App


The app was test-driven at Capgemini’s corporate events hosting hundreds of people and the overall feedback was extremely positive. Capgemini: Connect is now a standard tool used by the company’s event managers and department heads to help employees break ice, get to know each other and establish stronger social ties.

Jazzy demonstrated its ability to efficiently coordinate a fast-paced development effort and deliver great-looking, fast and intuitive mobile apps based on a one-of-a-kind creative concept.

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