Gliwice, Poland

Deliverables: startup idea, design, web app, promotional video


Hackathon war

In November 2013 we decided to spend our weekend somewhat differently than usual. So we gathered forces in our old headquarters solely for one purpose.

And that was Hackaton. 72 hours of work and one goal. Create an application as good as possible in this period of time. It was our first Hackathon, but certainly not the last.

Jazzy hackathon
Jazzy hackathon
Jazzy hackathon
Jazzy hackathon

The idea

We started the day one with more or less 20 ideas. After fierce discussions and lots of voting, we narrowed the final number down to 3 applications we wanted to give a try. One of them was a kind of drum pad/sampler.

Nothing fancy, to tell you the truth, but we’ve added one important device to it.

product mockup
drumair logo

Good thing about having a complete team of programmers and designers in one place is that we can create an application which not only works but is also beautiful.

48 hours later we had DrumAir prototype. With first drum pad on LEAP looking so good.

drumair logo
drumair screen
drumair final

Let’s promote

After polishing the prototype, we wanted this to be a complete project – from the beginning to the very end. A few hours in our boss’s apartment eventually paid off. We’ve created a promo video you can see below.

Leap Motion HQs
Leap Motion

We had an application for LEAP and we wanted to make use of it. So we went to San Francisco's LEAP motion HQs with our experience and some feedback. They supported our idea....

THE DRUM Website

Even THE DRUM, UK's largest marketing website made an article about our little project.

Aerscreen using DrumAir

This came as a surprise, but we‘ve also received a question about using DrumAir on Aerscreen. This looks neat!

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